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 [Pending]Application for host.

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Justin l Fatal

Posts: 870
Join date: 2011-06-02
Age: 20
Location: United States / Ohio

PostSubject: [Pending]Application for host.    2011-06-02, 06:49

Runescape Name:
Fatal Wind
U.S. / Eastern Pacific
How long have you been playing Runescape:
4 years
What is your cash pile worth?:
What is your total wealth worth?:
around 350m
How much time do you spend on rs everyday?:
4-7 hours
Why should we accept you?(develop):
I'm trustworthy, don't scam and i'm willing to make this cc better for everyone that joins.
Try to prove to us that you are legitimate (develop)
I've hosted in many cc's before but i figured since this one is more official i'd give it a go. I've payed out 100m+ bets multiple times and have no problem with losing to other players. I just hope I can be the next host for your cc.

Picture of your wealth:
What rank?:I would like to be a lieutenant, but any legitimate rank is fine.

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Posts: 35
Join date: 2011-05-24

PostSubject: Re: [Pending]Application for host.    2011-06-02, 06:51

I definitely agree with the fact that he has no problem losing to other players, considering how much he lost to Naruto today. Overall he's a nice respectful guy and worthy of rank in my opinion, especially since he's in the time zone where I was the only rank for about a 2 hour window.
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Posts: 3720
Join date: 2011-05-23
Location: Germany

PostSubject: Re: [Pending]Application for host.    2011-06-04, 11:46

Pmed, pending.
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[Pending]Application for host.

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